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Thursday, 06 September

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Tuesday, 07 August

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Thursday, 12 July

Die SSK Wintergraandag vind vanjaar plaas op 22 Aug 2018 te Uitkyk in die Riversdal distrik. Die program beloof om baie interessant te wees. Kontak asseblief vir Petro Heyneman by om u teenwoordigheid op die dag te bevestig.


Thursday, 31 May

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Monday, 12 March

Ons bevestig dat die minimum loon vir plaaswerkers,met ingang van 1 Maart 2018, R3169-19 per maand, oftewel R731-41 per week/R16-25 per uur is.

Let daarop dat bediendes/huishulpe en sekuriteitswagte wat op ‘n plaas werk ook deur die bepalings van Sektorale Vasstelling 13 gereguleer word. ‘n Bediende op ‘n plaas moet dus ook minstens R16-25 per uur betaal word.

Monday, 11 December

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Thursday, 14 September

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Wednesday, 30 August

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Friday, 04 August

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Thursday, 02 March


Softlutions is a software development company, based in Somerset West and established approximately 6 years ago by SSK and the Softlutions’ Managing Director, Ben van Rensburg. SSK has had a 51% shareholding since its inception.

Ben van Rensburg developed FrameworX, which is a cutting edge application platform, tailor-made to solve organisation-specific software needs. It thus enables SSK’s Information team to design, develop and deploy SSK specific solutions, not addressed by the original SAP BusinessOne ERP implementation. According to Jacques Buys, SSK’s Senior Manager: Information, the secret of its success lies in its simplicity as well as the uniformity that makes it possible for all the different SSK divisions and functions to use the same platform.

The next niche application that was developed using FrameworX is aptly called GrainworX. This application enables the users to link and manage all grain related processes including contract- and stock management, grain receipt and –dispatch as well as stock postings, tariff charging and invoice creation. The beauty of this application entails that all processes are seamlessly integrated and is linked using the same user-friendly platform. As a result costs are kept to a minimum and administration is streamlined and simplified. Southern Oil (SOILL) also utilizes the FrameworX system, promoting group uniformity.

SSK’s retail division is currently implementing nextPOS, a Point-of-sale application also developed on FrameworX. It is a strategically critical system for any business and SSK is very excited by the dynamic software solutions that this new development brings about.

Ben van Rensburg is adamant that this is just the beginning of many new developments to come. The partnership between SSK and Softlutions is a prime example of “if you work together, you win together”.

Annelie van Wyk